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Tips For Driving In The Mountains During Winter

Roads in the mountains often involve curves, hills, ice, clouds, and snow. To brave these conditions, you (and your car) have to be prepared. Driving in these conditions has to involve planning ahead, plus making sure you maintain common sense when braving these road conditions.

To make sure your car is prepared for winter driving, be assured that your tires are fully inflated. Try no to engage cruise control in your car, because activating that on a slippery surface can cause you to loose control. Also important is to not pass other cars because you’d like to go faster; the reason they’re driving slower is because the roads might be snowy, making it unsafe for them to speed up. Your speed should be based on that of other cars. Black ice is something that’s also dangerous, but not visible. Often clear to match the color of the road, that can cause your car to spin or even flip when the roads are slippery.

After you guarantee your car is safe to drive during the winter, it’s smart for you to fill your car with necessary equipment. Before the winter comes, verify that your car is in it’s best condition before you drive during this cold season. You’ll have to make sure your wipers are adequate, have and know how to put chains on your car (if they’re required), and always wear your seatbelt.

In case of an emergency, put a cold weather survival kit in your car.  The higher the elevation, the colder it might be, so carry warm layers in your car—a coat, hat, and gloves. Also, drive with common sense. If a barricade is blocking a portion of your route, don’t try to drive around it and try to make it through. Instead, find another safe route that will get you to your destination.

When you’re sleepy, avoid driving. If possible, park your car in an area secluded from the snow, and try to avoid using your parking brake in cold, wet weather. While driving in the winter can be difficult and sometimes scary, follow these steps to prepare you and your car for the season.

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