Accident Towing

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Accident Towing

car accident towing

It’s always a great idea to carry a contact number of a reliable towing in Colorado Springs. An accident is always a possibility when you are driving your vehicle. While you must drive safely, it does no harm being prepared for the event of an unforeseen accident. There are several contributing factors that could increase the chances of an accident in Colorado Springs such as bad weather, distracted drivers, Design Defects of a vehicle itself, and therefore Bugs Towing is always here to keep you and your family safe during those unfortunate times.


What Should You Do Following A Car Accident?

  • Make sure you are okay: Check to make sure you have no injuries.
  • If possible, move to a safe place on the side of the road.: By doing this you decrease the chances of additional accidents.
  • Turn on your emergency lights in your vehicle.: This will reduce the risk of not being visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Call Emergency Services: Just in case there are any physical injuries or vehicle damages that should be reported.
  • If your car can’t be driven, call Bug’s Towing.


Why Should You Choose Bugs Towing for Your Accident Towing Needs?

When you pick us to provide your towing services, we do our best to make sure each customer receives:

  • The best prices in town.
  • Quality services you can trust from safety-oriented professionals
  • Emergency towing services anytime that you need us.
  • Premier customer service.


Here at Bugs Towing, we know the most precious cargo you could be carrying in your vehicle is yourself and your family. When an accident does occur, we pride ourselves on making sure that, YOU, the client has the best quality services that we can provide. While vehicles can be replaced, both you and your loved ones cannot be replaced.