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Colorado Springs Towing, Recent Tows Part 8

Bugs towing in Colorado Springs has had a busy past month due to the weather! As much as we love being there to tow you out of whatever situation may arise, always try to stay safe and stay off the roads when the big storms come through!

Black Ice Disaster

This gentleman drove 4 hours through the storm unscathed, made it home and then went to get his dog from the neighborhood behind him. Was going 10 mph and hit a patch of black ice – bent axle, broken control arm, snapped rim in half. Lesson of the story – Always be on alert when driving in hazardous conditions, you never know when disaster can strike and stay off the roads if you can!

black ice disaster, colorado springs towing company







Recent tow in the snow

Regardless of the weather, we are always available to get you out of any situation

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Towing Fort Carson

Sometimes those map apps send you in the wrong direction!

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Towing in Peyton, Colorado

Every now and then we have to come to the assistance of something bigger than your average car or truck

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Towing From Colorado Springs To Denver

This truck broke down in Colorado Springs and they called bugs towing for long distance towing to Denver…

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Motorcycle Towing Colorado Springs

Towing Colorado Springs one car (or motorcycle) at a time!

motorcycle towing colorado springs