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Sometimes, you’ll need to get your car towed, for simple reasons like a flat tires or getting locked out. If you have equipment you need relocated, or other issues more difficult than a dead battery, you can seek a towing company.  These professionals can help you tow the big stuff.

There are different things to consider when deciding which towing company to use. Are they professional? This can be a key factor that sets some companies apart from others. Check if they have good customer service, and the potential time frame. Also, what equipment do they use? Selecting which towing service you’ll need helps narrow down your options. Also, this seems like a simple thing to investigate, but check which payment options they accept. If they only accept checks, that might steer away some potential customers.

Hauling yourself?

You’ll have to investigate what car can tow and what you’ll need to tow. When looking at a truck to buy, you should pay attention to payload. The payload has to carry everything in and on the truck. This number also refers to how much weight it can handle the tongue or pin pressing on the rear of the vehicle. When you’re heading camping, the weight of everything in your car is increased. You have to account for passengers, food, and toys, as well as maps or other guides for where you’re headed.

What differentiates these trailers is tongue weight versus pin weight, or think of it this way: pop-ups versus fifth wheels. If you’re just towing a travel trailer for camping, your truck needs to be able to tow tongue weight. Larger trailer options can tow more weight, or King Pin weight (or pin weight).  The pin weight is the weight is the actual weight pressing down on the fifth wheel hitch by the trailer.

Weighing the truck and travel trailer includes what the actual hitch weighs. Before a trip, you weigh all three involved- your truck with the hitch attached, the trailer with the hitch, and both- your truck with the trailer attached.

Types Of Towing Options

There are many different types of trailers, depending on what it’s towing- everything from flatbed trailers to a Conestoga trailer. You can have everything towed from a boat to something as big and heavy as a house. The type of trailer you choose depends on what you’re loading on to it. If you’re towing an Airstream or an RV, or want to transport an even larger item, the gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, your car can tow matters. Before you want to haul an item, you can find your car’s BVWR in the owner’s manual.

Don’t want to worry about all of those little details? Consider hiring a towing company. Rather than drive an unsafe route or towing things above your car’s GVWR limit, it’s safer for you and the other drivers on the road if you look into hiring a towing company. Selecting a reputable towing service will give you peace of mind about the transport. A dependable towing company will tell you about their services up front, have knowledge about towing that exceeds yours, and they can deliver value in the service that they provide. A towing company can offer roadside assistance, and help with rollovers. Given these perks, it might be a good option to consider hiring a towing company.